Fall is here..

Summer had past. Looking back I cannot believe how busy we were. I found Allie Hurford review she gave me since June to share with evryone.

I hired Café de Crepe for our cocktail wedding reception and couldn’t have been happier with the service, food, and experience. The owner, Chayanid, was great to work with pre-event, quickly responding to all my questions and accommodating everything we wanted. In order to serve 160 guests, Chayanid arranged for us to have smaller crepes which could be prepared faster. The day of the event, the food cart was dropped early (relieving my stress) and Chef Samuel was ready to serve as soon as our guests arrived. Everyone LOVED the food cart idea and appreciated the uniqueness of the crepes, not to mention they were delicious! Chef Samuel and his helper were fantastic, working quickly and were really friendly to our guests. Did I mention the food was amazing!??!? I would highly recommend Café de Crepe to anyone in lieu of hiring a catering service. It was an inexpensive, fun and unique idea that our wedding guests will never forget!


The new look – Cafe de Crepe foodcart

Summer is arriving shortly and the cart is really for catering and events!

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Getting ready for summer! It is time to upgrade our food cart.

Waiting for a sunny day to paint. New window is recently installed. I decided to give it a bigger window so you can see better how we make crepes. Soon with new paint, the cart is ready to go back on the road making delicious crepes again this summer.

We have a pretty pack schedule, but you can always check with us if you need our cart for your event. I would be more than happy to assist you with that. Email is best or leave me a message on my phone if you wish. ychayanid@gmail.com ,(503) 928 – 2854

See you this summer!20140422_180133


Our Oregon Hazelnut – Chocolate Spread

I love trying to use local ingredients in our crepes. I love that we utilize what we have here in Oregon. It is fun, challenging and rewarding. Not only because it is fresher, but also it helps supporting small local businesses. One of the things we have plenty in Oregon is Hazelnut or someone might call it “Filbert”. That inspired me to start making Oregon Hazelnut – Chocolate spread for our crepes. Then I decide to make it for retails so everyone can enjoy it at home as well. I make my spread very simple with no dairy, no additives. A lot of spreads have some additives to prevent oil from separating from other ingredients. Since we do not add any additives, you may notice some oil on top when opening our spread jar, but no worries all you have to do is stir it back in. The spread has crunchy texture which mean you can taste hazelnut in every jar.Try it in a crepe or take it home for a treat!



Moving Out from Mississippi Location

I just want to let everyone know that we weren’t given a lease renewal because the landlord wants to do something else with the space. We are selling the cart if any of you are interested. But don’t worry, we are not going anywhere. We are getting a commercial kitchen for full size catering and might open a restaurant. See you around!


Eat your berries!”The Oregon Berry Festival”


July 12th and July 13th is the day to celebrate Oregon berries this year. Come down to Ecotrust building to enjoy your berries, berry products, music and food.

The Oregon Berries Festival is one of my favorite events. It’s family friendly with a lot of smile from everyone.We are so excited to offer savory and sweet crepe featuring local berries. Our chef is carefully paring different berries with cheeses to create a special menu for this event.

If you are thinking of family fun and yummy berries, visit us at The Oregon Berry Festival!  For more information, please visit www.oregonberryfestival.com  We hope to see you there.


Salmon Skin Crepe and Sweet Potato Smoothie

I have an urge to write about these special items (salmon skin crepe and sweet potato smoothie) because they are so great. They are now available at our cart on Mississippi ave. Try them while they last.  In general, I like to blog only about something that will be available all the time at our carts. These two may or may not be. Salmon skin crepe is a crepe filled with crispy fried salmon skin, cucumber, spring mix green, avocado, topped with lime wedge, and this ” I don’t know what it’s called” dressing . The dressing has sweet and sour taste to it. It reminds me so much of Thai lime dressing, but thank god someone dare to play with it to balance the sourness with salty and sweet kick.

Sweet potato smoothie is awesome! It’s so creamy and  not too sweet. One of my favorite since cantaloupe smoothie was invented.

Well, these two special items are the creation of our Chef Samuel Cook. I need to give him credit for it. He is always at our Mississippi location. If you need any advice at all about cooking or suggestion, you will not be disappointed!20130522_143724



Successful! Our first batch of homemade Chocolate – Oregon hazelnut Spread

chocolate - hazelnut spread

chocolate – hazelnut spread

Our first batch of homemade chocolate – hazelnut spread. We use Oregon hazelnut since we are in Oregon. We decided to go with crunchy texture so you can taste hazelnut in every bite. It is dairy free and easy to spread.

Free sample is available at Our carts and Farmers Market. Our first market of the season starts tomorrow, May 2 and continue until the end of September. Don’t forget to visit us and local farmers for fresh produce and yummy hot food.

!!All suggestion welcome!!





Samantha and Ashley from portlandpalate.com visiting our cart on Mississippi

Samantha and Ashley from portlandpalate.com visited our cart on Mississippi. We made them sweet, savory crepes and smoothie to try. Follow this link to read what they think about this experience at our cart http://portlandpalate.com/2013/04/19/cafe-de-crepe-mississippi-ave/

We are always welcome food critics, food writers and reviewers to come try our food and we will gather all the feedback to make our cart better. If you want to try us, please feel free to contact!

In the photo: Our chef – Chef Samuel, Samantha and Ashley


Welcome to our new site.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our new website. Cafe de Crepe is ready for a big summer at both of our cart locations–Belmont and Mississippi–and at the Kenton, Beaverton, MontaVilla and South Waterfront farmer’s markets. We hope to see you soon!